Yvesrocher.ca Website Review & Ratings + Yves Rocher Canada Coupons
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Yvesrocher.ca Website Review & Ratings + Yves Rocher Canada Coupons

Yves Rocher Canada: Products & Services

Yves RocherCanada produces and distributes skin care products, make up, fragrances, hair care products and other cosmetics

Their innovations include:

Yves Rocher Canada: Company Background
  • Yves Rocher Canada is one of the branches of Yves Rocher, which has stores in many parts of the world
  • The company is named after the founder, Yves Rocher
  • It was created 50 years ago in his father’s attic in France
  • The Botanical Beauty products that Yves Rocher started to produce fifty years ago are of the highest quality
Yves Rocher Canada: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Yves RocherCanadacustomers complain about the quality of their customer service

“My mom and I have shopped with Yves Rocher for at least 15 years. Before we had a computer and my mom still shops the old-fashioned way (snail mail). 

However, my two most recent experiences with this company have caused my reaction - I will never shop them again. 
First of all, the products have gotten smaller (but the prices are the same.) 

Example, the lavender bath oil used to be a lovely and well made glass bottle...it is now a smaller plastic version. 

Second,customer service is a joke. If you call,they read a script. It is not personalized at all. One of the reps actually got snooty when I pressed for further details (such as asking about the details and problems with a coupon I tried using with an order.) 

Today, March 18th, I was told by the guy with the French accent that,"Maam, it's all in WRITING and I suggest you READ it". And this was in response to whether I could cancel an order (you can't) and that I was given conflicting information just a few days ago by another rep. He admitted that some reps do need further training...(!) 
All I can do, he suggested, is refuse the package when it arrives. 

As far as my mom's experience, they sent her recent package to her old address and she had to pay the difference in shipping. (The problem being that when she placed an order over the phone instead of her usual snail mail they did not confirm her address, while other catalog sale companies do so as standard customer service.) 

She didn't even think it would be a problem because she was getting her usual personalized Yves Rocher catalogs at her new address. 

Don't get me wrong - I loved their Lavender line and hand creams. 
But the lack of caring on their part about long-time customers is insulting. 

Never again.”


“I am very disappointed with the way Yves Rochher dealt with the order I sent by mail more than 3 weeks ago. It was quite a big one- more than $350.00. I provided my credit card info, and expected to get a parcel by this coming weekend, because most of the produce I had ordered had been chosen for my daughter whose birthday is a few days away. I had a surgery and have been staying at home since then. That's why I really counted on this special parcel knowing that I won't be able to go shopping. 
And, out of the blue, today I got a senseless letter which read that they will send me the parcel only after I send them the money order, without explaining why they had chosen to withdraw their option to use my credit card information for the payment. Whoever processed the order, wasn't thorough and professional, which resulted in a big letdown for me. The letter was signed by Lyne Belander.
I called customer service right after I got the letter with my original order enclosed, asking for any explanation. The first representative, David, didn't even try to understand what was wrong, interrupting me after each sentence. The second one,Carolyne, was trying to be helpful and was very polite, but she didn't have any explanation on why this situation had occurred.
Now it's too late to re-submit the order, I live in Toronto, and the intended birthday gift can't be delivered on time.
As a very disappointed customer, I am not interested in your service any longer, and will appreciate if you take my name off your list.”


May, 2009

Yves Rocher Canada: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • Yves Rocher Canada awards Women of the Earth in fifteen countries across North Africa, Europe and North America
  • The recipients of this award do work that benefits nature and humankind
  • The foundation has already awarded 230 women from 50 different countries
  • They have been featured in the media many times
  • The Discovery Channel, for example, recently showed how their products are made
Yves Rocher Canada: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • Yves Rocher Canada has a website that seems to be hosted on a server inFrance
  • The site receives 3,241 page views on a daily basis
  • They have an Alexa traffic ranking of 339,436 in the world
  • Their Google page rank is currently five
  • Each page on the site takes approximately 1.9 seconds to load
Yves Rocher Canada: Social Media Presence
  • Yves Rocher Canada has a Google Plus profile
  • They are also on FaceBook, where they have 12,669 likes and 340 people talking about this
  • Their FaceBook page has feedback from customers as well as updates from the company
  • The Canadian store does not seem to have a working Twitter account or a blog
Yves Rocher Canada: Website Security & Safety
  • Yves Rocher Canada’s website is tested daily with McAfee for malicious software
  • They were checked with Google safe browsing
  • The site is not currently listed as suspicious
  • During the past ninety days, 95 pages were tested and none of these resulted in malicious content being downloaded without user consent
Yves Rocher Canada: Pricing & Packages
  • Yves Rocher Canada sends free gifts with every order      
  • The company has developed a wide range of products for the whole family
  • For example customers may receive a free hand soap duo or vanity case
  • Their Moment de Bonheur eau de parfum- “The new fragrance of happiness”, costs $29.50
  • Their Arnica daily moisturizing hand cream costs $3.50
  • Their Laotian lotus shower gel costs $3.95
Yves Rocher Canada: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • Yves Rocher Canada does not ship to the United States or international destinations
  • They only ship within Canada and give free shipping on orders over $40
  • If you wish, you may order from the company’s stores inGermany,UK,USA,Hollandand other nations
  • Their stores in all of these countries have websites that serve online customers
Yves Rocher Canada: Payment Methods Accepted
  • Yves Rocher Canada does not currently accept orders over $300
  • All transactions on the website are secured
  • Customers get a free gift with every order
  • Patrons may complete their transactions online with PayPal
  • The store also accepts popular credit cards such as Visa and Master card
Yves Rocher Canada: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
Yves Rocher Canada: Product images & screenshots
Yves Rocher Canada Coupons
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Get $7 OFF with orders over $30 @ Yves Rocher Canada
Get 5% Off Every Order @ Yves Rocher Canada
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